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Traffic and bandwidth

Traffic and bandwidth Policy


We give very good traffic solution for our customers. Our main policy is to make as less headech as possible for all our users. Most VPS and dedicated servers come with unmettered traffic. That means that we don't bill extra for traffic 99% of our customers. 

For dedicated flat bandwidth we give solutions in our own datacenter and in other different parts of the world.

Flat bandwidth rates:

1Mbps - 5$/month

10Mbps - 50$/month

50Mbps - 250$/month
100Mbps - 450$/month
200Mbps - 900$/month
500Mbps - 2250$/month
1Gbps - 4000$/month

For high outgoing traffic projects we have solutions with low price as 1-2$/mbps/month

As well as we have cheap 100Tb volume 1GB unmettered servers.


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