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PaysafeCard, Ukash, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money

PaySafeCard, Liberty Reserver, Perfect Money @ 2x4


Update: we accept PaySafeCard ONLINE in the control panel and currently we don't accept Ukash, (ukashx.com doesn't work)


We glad to say that now you are able to pay with Ukash or Paysafecard. We accept Ukash and PSC with exchangers to our Webmoney account.

You can use next exhangers:

TECHNOCASHER (wmbroker)  http://technocasher.com/

How to use:

1. select at left list Liberty or PaySafeCard
2. select at right list "2x4 HOSTING"
3. continue, write your 2x4 account name.  
4. TechnoCasher will add money to your control panel automaticaly.




How to use:

1. take our WMZ manual purse and copy to the exchanger page.
2. paste PSC codes.
3. continue.
4. make ticket from the control panel 2x4 to add this payment manualy.




UKASHX http://www.ukashx.com/ 

How to use:

1. paste UKASH codes
2. click 2x4 HOSTING logo
3. continue.
4. UKASHX will add money to your account automaticaly.



HOW TO PAY with Ukash or Paysafecard from control panel

1. Make an account 2x4. Goto http://admin.2x4.ru and make registration.

2. Then goto Finances->Paytents->Other and copy our WMZ Purse 

3. Goto exchanger and:
- write your PSC/ukash data
- paste our Werbmoney WMZ Purse.
- write at the comments your login name at admin.2x4.ru
- click to change money.

4. Goto the control panel admin.2x4.ru and make support ticket and write us about amount of money that you exchanged. When we get the money we add them to your account and close the ticket. You get a message that money was added. This is done manualy for now.

5. Now you can order any Hosting-VPS-dedicated from the Subscriptions menu at the control panel. If you need anything spesial - write us support ticket and ask what you need.

6. That's all.

WARNING about Ukash and Paysafecard

1. Ukash and Paysafecard is prepayed cards system. You can get them in the shops or at fueling stations and etc. Exchangers of the PSC to Webmney take FEES for exchange. We add to your account the amount of money that we received from exchangers.

2. We DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY about exchangers. We just give exchangers URLs that we worked already. We do not guarantie the time when will they pay. Ask them 1st if you have any questions.