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X Expert
hi admin
is there no one can buy from u just locus ?
if they are
why u send our exclusiveness to another one ??
we are wanna buy from u
u say it 20$ for 30 GB in month
u know we from arab
and we buy 30 GB for 210$ in month
so wut u say now
am here and locus here and mr mahmoud here too
there is no more exclusiveness from now
so tell us
and thanks rolleyes.gif
Hey man,
Anybody can buy our services, you are right.

But there is a price for VPS and there are Hosting VPS and File VPS.
Also in Russia there is some conditions for traffic at the page ]]>http://www.2x4.ru/index.php?pid=33]]>
In common there are conditions:
Russian outgoing traffic should be > International outngoing traffic.
if not (International traffic - Russian traffic) *0.5$ = price for traffic (for 400Gb/day it will be 200$/day )
And if you have no russian traffic you will have to pay for International traffic.

We are trying to file some solutions to make traffic cheaper for our international clients,
and locus helps us to find way of making some good russian traffic.
X Expert
ok sir thanks what about fntzy.com traffic ?
is fntzy.com have 400 GB daily ???
am waiting u
if we can buy from u so don't send our exclusiveness to another please sir
X Expert
sir am not ask u hard question
just tell me please is fntzy.com have 400 Gb daily ?
you current traffic is a private information, and it was send to you via PM
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