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2x4.RU WEB Hosting _ General Hosting Support - English Forum _ witch offers do you have?

Автор: Hanskanns 9 07 2008, 22:53


is it possible that you List your Shared offers ?

my next Probleme is the Cp i registred my self to test your Cp but its not 100% translated in englisch, its very hard for me to understand the ru language.

witch Solution can you offer to solve my probleme

Автор: Hanskanns 12 07 2008, 14:04


can nobody answer my questions?

Автор: admin 15 07 2008, 13:01

let us know what do you need.
we are able to satisfy almost any requirement.

Автор: Hanskanns 16 07 2008, 16:55

so it will be great if you can give me this offer:

6GB Spaace
unlimited Mysql
unlimited FTP
unlimited mail acceses
unlimited subdomain
unlimited Domain (place for it)
english CP

can you please tell me how much euro will this cost /year

Автор: admin 16 07 2008, 17:50

no problem,
how many visitors does your project have ? (we need to know to calculate CPU usage)

Автор: Hanskanns 16 07 2008, 18:33

Thank you for your answer

i have 300 user/day (its not a big project)

Автор: Hanskanns 19 07 2008, 12:07

sad.gif unsure.gif huh.gif sad.gif

Автор: admin 31 07 2008, 11:29

For future and for all.

You can order any available hosting services in the control panel ONLINE.

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